Welcome to Evidence Dialogues, which aims:

  • to help to develop a recognized multi-disciplinary field of evidence;
  • to improve interdisciplinary and cross-occupation communication, fertilization and synthesis in respect of evidence;
  • to provide a interdisciplinary forum for exchanges of ideas and information and discussing issues and challenges in relation to evidence in different contexts, disciplines and areas of practice.
  • to transcend hard/soft, STEM/Humanities/Social sciences divides; with room for robust, but respectful, debates and disagreements;
  • entertainment will only be a by-product of this initiative.

All of us draw inferences from evidence. Open a newspaper anywhere in the world and you will probably find evidence-related items on every page. As we write in August 2021, evidence is at the heart of all the main news stories, from the efficacy of Covid-19 travel restrictions, to whether violent offending can be predicted, to disputed rule infractions at the Tokyo Olympics. In recent years major transnational events such as 9/11, the Iraq War, Covid-19 and climate change have had problems of evidence at their centre as do many domestic, personal, and work problems and choices.

Yet the analysis of evidential inferences as such has only been a sustained focus of attention in a few academic disciplines, including Law, Epistemology, History, and Evidence-based Medicine. The purpose of Evidence Dialogues is to help to remedy this in a stimulating and enjoyable way.